5 Tips to Ensure the Best Plastic Surgery Results

With more people looking for cosmetic alterations, there are cosmetic clinics springing up every day. There are also many people claiming the title of ‘Plastic surgeon’ when they shouldn’t.’ If you are looking to alter your look with a plastic surgery operation, it is important that you plan it out carefully and get the right medical expert to do the operation. Remember that reversing the effects of a bad plastic surgery would probably more time and cost. How would you go about picking the right surgeon and facility for your operation?

Know what you want

Many people will think they want a plastic surgery operation but have no specific on what they need. If you want to alter the shape of your nose, do you want it lifted or with a more pointed profile? It is important that you know what you want so that you are not pushed into having operations that you do not need.

What are the surgeon’s creds?

A dentist, or gynecologist can perform cosmetic surgery, but to use the title Plastic surgeon, he/she must be certified and permitted to do so. In the US, the American Board of Plastic Surgery does the certification.

It is important to ask after the surgeon’s experience in performing similar procedures to what you need. Ask how the surgeon trained for the job, years on the job, and the number of times he has performed these types of procedures.

Compare past work

It is not enough for the surgeon to say that he has performed such procedures. Ask him for proof in pictures and videos. Compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and videos with a focus on patients who have similar physical traits to what you want to be changed. It is important that consistency is seen in the surgeon’s work in all the work.

Professionalism in the facility

What impression do you get of the facility? Is the staff willing to answer your questions? Does the facility look well-equipped and clean? How does the staff behave towards patients and among themselves? These are some of the questions that can you give you pointers on the professionalism at the facility.

Ask to see the operation room. Since this is where the operation takes place, it is important that the surgeon demonstrates that all equipment is in place. The facility should be accredited by AAAHC, AAAASF or JCAHO. The anesthetist should also be certified.

Assess the customer service

The facility’s customer service can tell you a lot about the support you can expect when healing. Does the staff provide adequate information material? How is the pricing? How fast do your inquiries get answered? Consider all this before trusting your body to anyone.