5 Tips to Score Highly With the Landlord

With thousands competing for the few good and affordable rooms, getting rooms to rent Manchester is not an easy thing. You have to hustle a bit more and look an attractive tenant to potential landlords. Perhaps recognizing that there is more demand than supply, landlords have become pickier when renting out rooms. As a potential tenant, you have to prove that you will pay up when the rent is due, and you will not be a social nuisance to the landlord and other tenants. Here are some tips to impress potential landlords and get rooms quicker than the competition.

Know your budget

Will you be able to pay? That is the first concern to the landlord.  You can have money for the first few months but then start lagging behind after a few months. Many landlords will want assurance that you have the capacity to pay for the whole lease.

To budget appropriately, take your total annual income, and divide by 40. If you are a student, this could be the expected student loan and parental support. If you estimate that your annual income will be £80,000, you would comfortably afford any rooms to rent Manchester below this figure.

Show your good credit history

You have the tenancy deposit, but the landlord will want assurance that you are good at paying your recurrent bills. You will be required to show your credit report by some landlords.  You can score better by showing your creditworthiness, even if the landlord has not asked for it.

Dress up

These days, an interview with a landlord feels like a job interview. First impressions matter. The landlord will think if you can take care of yourself, you can take of the premises too.  For men, smart casual will do. Wear a clean, pressed button-down shirt with a pair of khakis or plain jeans, and a decent pair of shoes. For ladies, a smart blouse top and knee-length skirt will be conservative enough. Remember, this is only for impressions, so make the effort to look good.

Haggle reasonably

If the landlord asks for £2,000, it would be a bit unreasonable to say that you can only afford £750. A reasonable figure would be £1,500. The landlord would be more flexible if the feeling is that he/she is not cutting too much.

Be honest

It is better, to be frank with all the details upfront. If there is a pet, say so instead of the landlord discovering it after you move in, which can lead to quarrels.

These tips are really effortless but can make a big difference on whether it is you or the next guy who gets those clean and affordable rooms.