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Aesthetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a category of plastic surgery which aims at improving bodily appearances. It is done to enhance or reduce prominent body parts depending on personal preferences. It is elective in nature and doesn’t necessarily require a person to undergo. With emerging trends and people wanting to look and feel better, cosmetic surgery is increasingly becoming popular. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows statistics of 34 different cosmetic procedures with 19 being surgical.

Common cosmetic surgery procedures include;


It is a type of aesthetic surgery that removes body fat from under the skin in an attempt to change body shape. However, it should be noted that liposuction does not have an effect on obesity-related problems. It involves a procedure where a tube is inserted into the fatty deposits under the skin and uses vacuum pumps to suck the fat out. It should be noted that complications can arise from this surgery including deep vein thrombosis, organ perforation, and bleeding.


It involves actions to increase or reduce breasts size. Breast augmentations are done by fat grafting or implanting silicone gel prosthetics. Breast reduction procedures are done by removing skin and glandular tissue. It is done to reduce shoulder and back pain in women as well as aid in aesthetic appearances. Mastopexy which means breast lift is done to reshape breasts and make them less saggy. It can be done through the removal of skin to tighten and lift breasts.

Buttock augmentation

Emerging trends have shown that men prefer women with prominent backsides. For this reason, a number of women have undergone buttock augmentation to make them salient. Buttocks are enhanced using silicone implants and fat grafting. Excision of excess skin procedures is also done to tighten and lift buttocks.

Lip enhancement

Surgical procedures are done to enhance lips and make them prominent. Most people who value their looks especially models will undergo this procedure to make their lips more full and noticeable. It can be surgical or non-surgical and involves altering their appearance using fillers.


It is commonly referred to as nose job. This form of aesthetic surgery has been around for a very long time and involves surgical reduction of the nose size. It can be fully fledged plastic surgery for a dysfunctional nose which requires reconstructing.


It is an aesthetic surgery procedure that involves tucking and reshaping the abdominal region. It is done to reduce excess tummy fat. It is usually sought by patients who have recently come from pregnancies or weight loss.

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