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End of Tenancy Cleaning North London

What to consider when hiring End of Tenancy Cleaning North London

Based on the many disputes on deposit refunds between tenants and their landlords, it is clear that tenancy is much more than paying your monthly rent on time. One of the key responsibility of tenants in North London is to return the keys to the property like the property was not occupied. In simple terms, this means that the property owner requires that their home is in a state that is habitable for their next tenant but more important, is in the condition they rented it. It is not therefore unfair for your landlord to demand a hygiene and cleanliness standard in their occupancy contract. As the tenant, you are expected to perform an End of tenancy cleaning as an exercise to bring the property as close to the inventory standard as possible. This can be expensive and time-consuming but the following tips will save you a lot of mental anguish;

Establish a regular cleaning routine

Unless you are moving houses on short notice, it is a good idea to begin preparing for the end of your tenancy weeks or even months before the time comes. Simple steps such as taking out stains as soon as they appear, dusting for cobwebs every few weeks and polishing fixtures will save you time and money when you are claiming your deposit money. Being a good and caring tenant helps you to maintain cleanliness standards that are close to those stipulated in the agreement. You may find that all that is required of you is a simple sweep before leaving the premises.

Negotiate a cleaning arrangement

While it may seem obvious that rental premises should be left in the same condition they were found in, most landlords include a cleaning clause in the agreement as a precautionary measure against ignorance. A professional End of Tenancy Cleaning North London service is most preferred but is not a must. Imagine renting a property for less than a year then having to spend hundreds of pounds to clean out because the landlord says so. If you feel that there are some special circumstances around your occupancy of certain premises, discuss an adjustment to the conditions of the agreement. This should, however, be done before moving in to avoid conflict.

The end of tenancy for one individual is often the beginning of the same contract for another. For most tenants, the need to clean out to set standards is a complex process but think of it as a way of returning a favor that was done for you and the process will often feel worthwhile.