How to Treat End of Cleaning Crews for a Smoother Job

It is most likely that you will engage an end of tenancy cleaning service. This is the smart thing to do as going about it DIY style is most likely to end up in dispute as the landlord frowns on an unsatisfactory job. There are several benefits of hiring a cleaning service among them:

  • Professional job – The cleaning service has the manpower and equipment to scrub accumulated and stubborn dirt.
  • Faster work- The better resources of a cleaning crew means a job is completed within a few hours or the same day
  • Lower costs – You will not have to purchase or hire equipment and cleaning materials.
  • Convenience – The cleaning can be done even while you are away at other tasks
  • Less risky – You transfer the risks involved in moving heavy objects, climbing heights and handling dangerous chemicals to professionals.

The cleaning service crew makes a big difference in how the job comes out. Different people have different experiences with cleaning crews. But it all comes down to how you treat the cleaning crew. Use these tips to make your engagement with the cleaning service crew smoother, friendlier and your end of cleaning will be perfect.

Do proper introduction

It is uncommon to have strangers in the house, so get to know the cleaning service crew members at the start of the job. If they are not wearing name tags, ask them, as well as make you introduce yourself. It is important to ensure that the cleaning crew has a task list. If they don’t have one, draw one up before the job starts.

Treat them as professionals

These are professionals who know what they are doing. It is easy to look down on cleaning as some menial job that can be handled by anyone. This is far from true. It takes skill to get stubborn stains off a carpet. Look at the cleaning service crew just as you would a mason or a plumber. They are professionals on a job.

Keep your distance

While many cleaning service crews will not mind your presence, they will not be too happy if you start ordering them around. They have the task list and they have arranged the tasks as per each crew member’s abilities. Let them handle the job the best way they know how. You can keep an eye on delicate objects that need special handling and offer your advice on how to do the handling, but it will be disastrous to micromanage them.

Treating the end of tenancy cleaning crew right makes the job go smoother and guarantees properly done work.